The leaning tower of cake

You guys, clearly I need to quit my job and be a professional baker. (Or maybe just to get baked.) Maybe I could be featured on CakeWrecks for the big break I've been waiting for.

In case you missed it on Instagram, in a display of how truly turnt up my Friday nights are, I made Schrödinger's Cake. It both is and isn't leaning depending on whether a vial of hydrocyanic acid has been broken inside it how you look at it. (Show of hands: Who else only knows about Schrödinger from Big Bang Theory? And they said tv isn't educational.) 

Gangsta leanin'.

It's all business in the front, party from the side. Really it's just making it easier to eat by leaning forward, closer to your mouth. Convenient cake eating technology brought to you totally on purpose by yours truly. YOU'RE WELCOME. Also, the visible chocolate cake crumbs in the lumpy pink icing are just bonus bits to make the icing better. Like chocolate fairy dust.

For the cake-baking-inclined folks: it has a dowel in it, I just suck at stacking things. And physics. Kinda like Bonanno Pisano. Gravity may have also been a factor. And perhaps the lateness of the hour when I stacked it all. The bottom is the Wilton giant cupcake pan and it's basically the only thing I nailed. 3.5 cups of cake batter in the big part (base) and 2.5 cups in the small part (top). Bake at 325 for 55 minutes and it comes out poifect.

Cake game strong.


  1. Love it - great job! I seem to get volun-told to make cakes for every occasion; my rule of thumb is simple: if you stand back far enough and cross your eyes a little bit the cake looks awesome... just don't get up close and personal or you see all the flaws!

    1. Volun-told, perfect.

      Coincidentally, "if you stand back far enough and cross your eyes a little bit, it looks awesome" is how I got my manfriend to go out with me.

    2. lmao I thought for sure it was your witty charm! But seriously girl don't sell yourself short, you're awesome and he's lucky to have you!


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