This week

Turns out I'm terrible at trivia, but I have so much fun. That shows heart. Or something. Proof we were there. (And that we came in last place.)

I'm very excited about the difference in my abs. Secret: I haven't done an ab-specific workout in.......a while. This change has to be from all the tri-training I've been doing with varying cardio workouts, plus keeping my diet in check, and I ain't even mad about it. Switch it up and see some changes! Probably!

Left picture is March, right is June.

I love painting. I painted my bedroom a trendy steely blue gray color and it's so much better than the builder's white it was before. It matches the sky outside nicely since it will not stop raining here. THANKS BILL. Speaking of, shouldn't it be tropical storm William? This whole thing is a bit too casual. 

I haven't done a Frisky Friday post in a while because I'm goin' steady with someone and it's nunyadamnbinnis. (You guys, he's put up with me for LIKE A YEAR. Who am I kidding, I'm amazing. He's lucky.)

I cooked grass fed beef for the first time. I can't taste a difference from grain fed beef, but hipsters say it's better for me so I guess that's something.

I'm still feeling feels about the Game of Thrones finale. I mean. I just. I can't. I need to do some shopping to take my mind off of it.

But she doesn't have my size. 

Hey, do yourself a solid and have a great weekend!