Tommie Copper compression sleeve review (totally not an ad)

Y'all, I'm batting a thousand this week as far as posts to days. Well, to business days. Who's excited? Just me? Cool.

Welp, if you don't care about compression garments, you can just stop hur. Tune back in tomorrow. Also, I want you to know that these people aren't paying me (but they should be, shoooooot). Even if they were, I'd give my honest opinion because I'm stubborn like that.

Anyway, so I whined last week about my knee still hurting even though surgery was 7 months ago and I followed all of the instructions this time, so finally I put my big girl panties on (full coverage, minimal sexiness) and looked for alternative options to my knee brace. It's just not cutting it anymore. Why wear it if my knee hurts during and after exercise? I'm no doctor, but those signs point to "useless piece of plastic". To be clear, it used to help. I couldn't run without it. I think I've just outgrown it.

So I looked online for some compression stuff since I know that helps with circulation and muscle stability and ordered a couple from a brand I had heard of from a rando last year while I was buying my punching bag from Academy. This guy legiterally chased me around the store to tell me about these compression sleeves. No lie. I mean, it's not like I could have outrun him anyway, I still had the giant straight leg brace from right after surgery on. And I had my 3 year old with me. He had me cornered. I was bent on following the doctor's orders this time around though, so I just filed his monologue under "stuff I'll probably forget later" and bought my punching bag. Fast forward a few months and that little tidbit was restored from long term memory (have you seen Inside Out? It's cute) and I ordered a couple.

You read through all that to learn that I really like my Tommie Copper knee compression sleeves! This is basically what the guy in Academy did to me, only I'm doing it to several people at once (twss) because I'm efficient. I prefer the "performance" to the "recovery" style, because I feel like it's tighter and keeps everything more stable. Plus it's pretty.

The picture I 'grammed yesterday.
Pardon my moppy emo hair, I don't even know what was happening there.

I still ice my knee after I stress it out, so pretty much each day that I run. Here's hoping this is the next step in full-on recovery! I probably should get all the colors for good measure. Probably.