Bouncing back after vacation

Last week was hectic with obligations after work and then a long weekend at the beach. You know how it is right before you go somewhere. You have all this extra last minute bulsh you have to do. Board the dog. Buy sunscreen. Tie up loose ends at work. Buy road trip cheese-its. Etc.

All that said, I worked out maybe...once? I can't even remember, it's all a blur. I do know that I didn't even take workout clothes on the trip. Flip flops and bikinis all day long, son. It's not because I didn't want to, but because there was no way I could get away to go for a run. Plus, we were only there for a couple of days and I wanted maximum time with everyone. My wish was granted with an 8 hour car ride home in traffic. Side eye.

I digress.

Now it's back to real life, and I have a triathlon coming up. Time to kick it back into gear. The thing is, it's hard to get back into working out when you've taken a significant amount of time off to day drink.

Step one: Go grocery shopping for healthy meal prep.

I took yesterday off from work to do laundry, grocery shop and enjoy some silence. I bought ingredients for turkey meatloaf and grilled chicken for this week, and then instead of cooking, I ate Doritos until I hated myself. We'll mark this one as mostly unsuccessful and give it another go today.

Step two: Get back on track with exercise. 

I could get used to going to the gym in the middle of the afternoon. Somebody please pay me to exist like a Kardashian so I can quit my day job and go to the gym midday. Yesterday I swam 1000m because, even though I spent the last 3 days in a bikini, I swam 0 meters. Success.

Step three: Revisit step one, except do better.

Repeat steps two and three forever. Done. Easy.

The good news, is that despite all the summer beer I drank and junk food I ate, I haven't gained any weight. Way to go, body. Thanks for handling business, and I promise to drink more water and eat better now. Thanks for letting me live a little. I'll put down the Doritos now. Now. Okay, now.