July 1

Y'all, today is the anniversary of my first date with my manfriend.

He's the reason I know how to make turkey meatloaf, cook eggplant and adjust my ballcock. He made my kid a real propeller for the airplane I painted on the wall after we had only been dating for like 5 minutes. Handy and thoughtful? Aight, I ain't mad about it. Plus he's good with wood (heh) and makes me cool stuff too.

Nightstand styling on fleek.
He made the Deathly Hallows bookmark.
Glasses holder is from World Market a few years ago.
Lamp is Ikea.
And while we're at it, table is flea market and book is Amazon.

I'm the reason he has taken selfies, cleaned his house and wears shirts with sleeves or no shirt at all.

We bond over Star Wars memes, stuffed crust pizza and seeing how many calories we can burn during a workout on our heart rate monitors (swolemates). He ran a 5k with me once and I did his P90X workout with him once because we care about each others interests. He never puts ketchup on my food because he knows I don't like it. One day he'll buy me my very own sriracha to keep at his house and that's how I'll know he's in it to win it.

And it all started because I posted a joke profile on a dating website. It's a relationship built on lolz, stuffing food in our mouths and burning calories (mostly in that order), so we're basically crushing it.



  1. Congrats on the milestone!
    somehow I ended up with an opposite who just rolls his eyes at my geek references. Good thing he's a looker, ha!

  2. Love it! You two ARE crushing it :) congrats!

  3. Congrats on your milestone 😀😀😀

  4. Hahaha, "swolemates." You guys are awesome. Really cool idea for a bookmark! I don't think I've ever used one that wasn't a piece of paper.

  5. Aw! You guys are too cute. Happy 1 year!

  6. Thanks y'all! The key to a good relationship is a solid foundation of dick jokes and sarcasm, obviously.


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