Knee update

I have my knee doctor appointment this afternoon that I reluctantly made after having some pretty intense knee pain every time I workout since I can remember. Seems like 9 months post-op should be minimal pain and back to regularly scheduled programming, but NOPE.

Funny story, the other day I left my overdue library book upstairs and I was already in my car in a serious hurry to leave. This was one of those days where I needed to leave like 15 minutes ago (so most days), but ain't nobody got time for late fees. I ran back in my house and took the stairs two at a time like a gangsta. Except as soon as my bad leg came down on the first set, it immediately buckled and I crashed down hard. I caught most of my weight on my hands, so I didn't eat carpet or anything (no homo), it was just startling. And it made me even later.

That's not the first time my knee has buckled, but it's the funniest. Also, probably not a thing that should happen? I'm no doctor though. Cryo hasn't really been helping over the long term. The cold helps the pain initially, but it comes back in full force within a few hours.

I'd also like to go on the record and say I followed all the rules post surgery this time, and there was never a moment that I felt like I reinjured it. It's just always felt unreliable. Kind of like a generic brand tampon. The box says they work, but you don't really want to put all your eggs in that basket. The stakes are too high for white pants or swimming. My knee is akin to generic feminine hygiene products. 

There is clearly some kind of dark sorcery happening and I'm going to request that he insert some adamantium in my knee joint, make me a skinny margarita and send me on my way. Good day, sir.


  1. I got some pretty gnarly arthritis in my knee about a year after my ACL reconstruction, and ended up being put on meds to control it temporarily. After that was kind of knocked down a peg or two, I found that yoga, especially hot yoga, really helped rehab my knee beyond standard PT. After the arthritis flare, I was told I would never run more than a mile comfortably. And yet, over a decade later (when my knee should have deteriorated more, apparently), I ran a flipping marathon.

    Don't get discouraged, this is only the start of your come-back to greatness.


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