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I get a lot of questions from n00b triathletes about my bike. Probably because I, too, am a n00b triathlete. My first race, I used a cheap old hand-me-down mountain bike. Don't do it, y'all. It. Was. Awful. My legs were so tired and it was SLOW AF. I hoped a car would cross over the coned barrier and hit me just so that I could stop riding. 

Not to be melodramatic or anything.

After that race I started researching inexpensive road bikes. Listen, I'm not about to drop thousands of doll hairs on this. I'm not even gonna drop one thousand doll hairs on this, not even close, so I was a little concerned when I Googled something like "inexpensive road bike" and all these articles claiming you don't have to spend $10k on a fancy bike offered the least expensive alternative as $3,000. In what universe is that inexpensive? Not mine. I can buy a lot of cheeseburgers for $3k, mkaaaaaay.

I went to a local cycling store to ask a pro and try some on. The thing about road bikes is they come in different sizes based on your height. The other thing about road bikes is you can be a different size depending on the brand, so it's really helpful to test out the brand you're looking to buy. I looked at a size chart online and it said I'm a 49-50. In the store I was a 46 in one and 50 in another. Neat.

I took my knowledge and went home to my trusty old friend, Amazon. I'm all about that Prime life. You can't test ride an online purchase, but I was willing to take the gamble. Plus, people get mail order brides and that's kind of the same. 

THIS is Winter . I went with a size 50 and it's a little big for me (twss), but still manageable. I also bought a water bottle holder and a bike pump to fit the weird tire valves. Did you know that road bike tires have a different kind of valve? It's called a presta valve and it's the other hole on your pump if you have a pump with two holes. I just bought a small handheld one(There are almost too many jokes.) 

I didn't buy cycling shoes, shorts or any other gear. I just use my running shoes to ride and I already had a helmet. That seat feels like somebody punched you in the taint when you go for a long ride though, so I may invest in some padded shorts or a padded seat. 

The way you ride a road bike takes a little getting used to, but overall this bike is a thousand times better and faster than the mountain bike. It was definitely worth the money to me as a casual rider and budding triathlete, especially now that I've used it in an actual race. 

So to recap, go get measured at a real bike store. Ask questions, they're super nice and helpful. It's not necessary to go balls out and spend thousands of dollars on an expensive bike and gear, though. Unless you're spending someone else's money, then do whatever you want before you get caught.


  1. Thanks for the info! I kinda wanna just skip the research, copy you, and get the blue version of Winter. But it costs enough money to be worth a trip to the bike store. How tall are you? I'm a quarter of an inch under 5'3". I guess if 50cm is too big for me, I'd have to get a different brand or something since that's the smallest size Winter comes in. If it weren't for this post I probably would have put off obtaining a bike for another 6 months or more. But now I'm kinda pumped!

    1. I'm 5'2", so we're pretty close in height. It's definitely worth testing out at a store, but I can manage with my 50, even thought I'd prob be better off with a 48. As the sizes get lower, they become more difficult to find, as I'm sure it is as they get higher than a certain point.

  2. Thanks for the info! You saved me some $$$$

    1. I'm all about saving some green! And also online shopping.


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