Sugar Detox Update

I'd punch a kitten for a milkshake, y'all. 

I guess that's how you know I needed a sugar detox. I'm almost done, and it's pretty crazy the amount of sugar I would eat in a day before this started. The point of this detox was to become more aware of my added sugar intake and to seriously cut that back, not necessarily to nitpick every gram of sugar in carrots or apples or blueberries even though I eliminated fruit as well. Not carrots tho. Because I'm a goddamn rebel without a cause.

A regular weekday sugar intake:
Coffee creamer: 15g (at least)
Greek yogurt, blueberries and granola: 24g
Banana: 14g
Protein bar: 10g depending on the brand 
Apple and peanut butter: 24g
Afternoon coffee: 17g (at least)
Whatever dessert I had after dinner: 20-50g
Total: 124-154g
Added sugars: 86-116g
Natural sugars: 38g 

And that's just a weekday without me counting the random sugar found in places you wouldn't guess, like the 1g in sriracha. Weekends are different because it's Saturday, so that means donuts or pancakes are the only appropriate breakfast, obvi. And it also means candy at the movie theatre, cupcakes at birthday parties and Sonic happy hour slushies. And Starbucks. And Froyo Friday. 

Shit. That's a lot of sugar, especially when the American Heart Association caps your daily added sugar allowance as a female at 6 teaspoons (24g), or as a male, 9 teaspoons (36g). It's safe to say that even with my fairly healthy sugars, less the coffee creamer and dessert, I'm over the maximum. Well that's eyeopening.

It turns out I crave sugar at around 3pm and late at night (like most people, hence my afternoon coffee), so I really think about those cravings. Am I even hungry? Am I bored? Am I thirsty? Do I just want some chocolate because I'm a grown ass woman who can eat whatever I want whenever I want? (Yes.) If I eat some grilled chicken, will that help? I mean, probably. It would help my nutrition and waistline, but not necessarily curb my craving. That's why I love the dessert flavored gum - mint chocolate chip 4 lyfe. Also, I'm really excited to reintroduce fruit to my diet. That way I can curb some of those cravings with some healthy sugars. Plus, peaches are in season. Dem peaches doe.

After this detox, I'm going to work to stay under that daily 24g maximum. I'm never gonna give up Froyo Friday, though. Not as long as my kid still wants to do it. Who am I to crush the dreams of a child? Traditions are important.