The beach

Parenting question:
Do you just go ahead and teach your kid to pee in the ocean, or do you make the trek allll the way back to your rental condo to track sand everywhere and go in a potty?

Asking for a friend.

A couple of weeks ago I decided my relationship needed a test and booked a condo roughly the size of a shoebox in Galveston, TX for me, my manfriend and our brood of spawn. Fast forward to July 4th weekend and we're packing my brand-new-to-me car up with sand castle toys, sunscreen, cheese-its and beach towels to go on a pseudo family vacay. The fact that all of the kids and both of us were all in the same place for several days in a row is enough to celebrate, but then add in the fact that it's Captain America's birthday? (Or America's birthday, whatever.) Shiiiiiiiiit. Party time, mothertruckers.

On the outside: Smiles
On the inside: Ask me if we're there yet ONE MORE GODDAMN TIME. I DARE YOU.

Galveston is about a 5 hour drive from Dallas, which is roughly 5 hours too long for 7 people in a car together, but luckily we had all sorts of snacks and technology to keep everyone happy. Or at least not bickering. Much. 

As beaches go, Galveston is fine. Nothing special, but it's not the shithole people make it out to be. My son had never been to a beach before, so he was apprehensive and terrified and then eventually a switch flipped and he loved it. He follows this pattern for pretty much everything I tell him is awesome. (Examples: Cake pops, immediately taking off your pants when you get home.)

Everybody had an awesome time at the beach until our first night there when sunburns started to set in. My kid managed to get out burn-free and I was only burned on part of my back where my manfriend missed with sunscreen. I guess we have our Puerto Rican genes to thank for that, because even with multiple sunscreen applications, the rest of the crew looked like splotchy lobsters. (Splobsters.)

Ain't nobody gonna let a little sunburn ruin a vacation, though. We watched fireworks from the beach, found lots of sea shells and finally got everybody together in one picture, sunburns and all.

It's too much to ask to have everybody looking at the camera, though.

The drive back took us about 8 hours in traffic, 5 pit stops and 1 MacGyver fix by my manfriend for a weird noise coming from my car roof. It was a floppy something or other that he tied down to the dohickey with the stuff. You guys, he used a piece of string, a stick and a can tab and the noise stopped. Where do I learn how to do that? Is it too late for me to be a boy scout?

Despite the traffic, our relationship survived the tantrums and close proximity in the car and the condo, and our waistlines survived all of the junk food we ate. Time to get back on track now, mama has a tri in three weeks and a bike to break in!