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Jon Snow is the clear winner with 78% in the epic bike naming vote of 2015. HOWEVER, a new promising name emerged in the comments and I have to give it a fair shot, so the only answer here is to vote again, winner takes all.

What should I name my bike - part II

Jon Snow
Poll Maker

Because Winter is coming.

Speaking of naming vehicles, I traded in the Momllennium Falcon for a new mom-mobile on Wednesday and now I'm burdened with the weight of coming up with the perfect name for it. It's a hybrid SUV (black), aka the epitome of suburbia. It's the car version of themed BBQs. 

I discovered that my kid hates goggles, and here's proof.

It's pretty much the greatest picture I've ever taken of him.

My favorite comment of the week because y'all make me lol:

From Monday's bike naming post:
It's all so perfect.
Henceforth, the re-vote.

Have a happy fourth of July! Don't shoot your fingers off with homemade fireworks. Or do whatever you want, they're your fingers.


  1. I was all for Jon Snow until I saw the context of "Winter is coming." That changed everything. Happy 4th!

  2. So I found a new (to me) Instagram account called Assholeparents by accident last week and I can't stop hitting refresh... The goggle picture made me laugh and thought it fits perfectly. Funny, not funny. poor kid.

    and PS... Winter(fell) for the win!

  3. OMG that IG account is hilarious, thanks for sharing! "Mom put on my goggles because I asked her to."


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