This Week

Well prime day was disappointing. Just like how not going to San Diego Comic Con was disappointing. One day I'll go be with my people. One day.

My friend saw an interview with Paul Rudd and told me that I talk like him, like mannerisms and cadence and stuff, so if you every wonder what talking to me is like, just imagine conversing with Paul Rudd's epic head of hair.

If you haven't seen this scene from Wanderlust, you need to watch it immediately.
Not at work though.
Unless you work at a hillbilly sex factory or something.
aka the state of Alabama.

There are so many exciting movies coming out soon. Antman. Trainwreck. Fantastic Four. Pixels*. The Martian. Hunger Games. Star Wars Episode VII. I just, it's so much. The Minions movie was v. disappointing, FYI. It could have been WAY cute, but it was boring. Inside Out was cute, had an awesome cast, but a little slow in some parts. You know what recent animated movie is under appreciated? Home. Go see it or rent it. It's REAL cute, y'all. Plus, it led to my son flailing around Target singing, "My hands are in the air like I just don't care!" 

*I want to be excited about it, but Adam Sandler. 

Sugar detox: Y'all, I achieved my lifelong dream of being the recipient of an edible arrangement for doing a favor for a friend RIGHT WHEN I'M NOT EATING SUGAR AND FRUIT. What are the odds. If you want to join in, email me! Today is day 3/10.

Kid was stoked about it.
And I'm not gonna lie to you and say I didn't eat a pineapple flower.
It was a lifelong dream, y'all. 
And it's not like it was cheesecake.
It was SO GOOD.

My favorite comment of the week because y'all make me lol is everybody that helped me off my roof on Instagram. You're basically the only reason I'm typing in my living room right now. Have a solid weekend! Definitely either see Antman or Trainwreck, and if you don't have kids you have no excuse to not see both of them. 


  1. So jealous about the Edible Arrangement! Maybe one day my manfriend will get the hint. Awesome for you, though, and the kid, of course. Double fisting fruit on a stick like a champ.

    1. It's a good thing there weren't any chocolate pieces is all I'm sayin'.

  2. Although Amazon Prime day was an epic fail, definitely look it up on twitter. The dissapointed tweets were hilarious!!

    1. They totally were! If there's one thing I'm going to set my alarm for, it's an extra long shoe horn.


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