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One day when I have all the free time, I'm going to open a BYOB painting studio because it's SO FUN. I wonder if I can do that in my house. BRB, researching. 

You don't have to be an artist to have fun, y'all, you just have to be an alcoholic. You pick the picture you want to paint, slap the background color on and then the instructors draw your foreground picture in chalk so you can just fill it in while you drink your white girl wine out of a red solo cup. Easy and fun, and you get your very own masterpiece to take home.

You don't have to let them chalk your painting, and since I paint on the reg, I find the chalk somewhat distracting. If it's intricate, I chalk it myself and otherwise I throw caution to the wind and don't use the chalk at all. So it's up to you, do whatever you want as long as you're having fun.

My frand Angela wanted something for her kitchen, and since she's the peanut butter to my jelly, she went rogue and brought in her own idea. She painted the background, the instructor drew it for her and she stayed in the lines like a boss.

The last time I did a BYOB painting Groupon (I'm all about that Groupon lyfe), I painted a Wonder Woman silhouette, so I decided to stick with my theme and do a Hulk silhouette for my kid since that's his fave. 

Mommy got white girl wasted and painted you this, son.

So go do a BYOB painting class! It's around $20 if you find a deal. There was a bachelorette party there, a group of dudes for guys night out(?), and a couple on a date with their boxed wine and prosciutto. It's fun for all genders and occasions.

After that, we weren't ready to end the night so we continued the party at my house with another bottle of wine and some MarioKart. All I have to say, is Rainbow Road and Wario's Gold Mine can kindly SUCK IT.

Annnnd if you know I'm doing a sugar detox and are wondering, "Like OMG she's breaking the rulez," wine has a surprisingly low amount of sugar - just 1.4g/glass - and I very rarely drink anyway (and forgot I had this girls night planned) so I made an exception. The point is, we didn't eat sugary treats with it, nor did my kid and I have donuts, pancakes, ice cream, candy or anything like that this weekend. Success!


  1. That's really interesting! I've done painting with wine before, but it was more of a follow along type thing, where we all painted the same image. Less individuality, but they turned out really nice and it was kind of neat to see how we all interpreted the same thing differently. That being said, your hulk is awesome! And I have to yet to see any super hero themed options for Painting with a Twist. :P

    1. You should definitely find a place that lets you bring in your own idea! It's fun and then you have exactly what you want hanging on your wall.


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