Winter is coming

Winter crushed Jon Snow in the epic bike naming re-vote of 2015, so thanks to Anonymous and Alee for your input! It's perfect and you win 10,000 points.

Ebony and Ivory.

Y'all, I ate it in my driveway because I forgot to tighten the bolt on my handlebars. All is tight in the world now, but that was embarrassing AF. What had happened was, I put together most of the pieces of the bike last week, but I didn't tighten the bolts all the way because I didn't have the right size allen wrench. Then when we got back from vacay, I borrowed my manfriend's tool (and then I borrowed his allen wrench, heh) to tighten everything, but I missed one.


When I got on the bike in my driveway, I went to turn onto the sidewalk to test it out, but nothing happened. Well, not nothing. The handlebars definitely turned. It's just that the wheel didn't. I clumsily toppled over in the grass due to the shift in my body weight in trying to turn plus the momentum of the bike continuing to go straight plus gravity. Gravity is such a cold-hearted bitch sometimes.

Nobody saw. Probably. If they did, the joke's on them. I totally meant to do that. Just testing out the bike's safety features. I like to be thorough.

The real question is, can I ride her after Labor Day? (twhs)


  1. Great job on the assembly! I'm in the market for a road bike. Any advice or input on your new beauty would be greatly appreciated. The Trek bikes I have looked at are $1000+, which is a little out of my budget. Thanks!

    1. I went to a store first to get measured and find a good fit, then ordered this one off of Amazon! Going into a store was super helpful because I could ask questions to a pro, so I would definitely suggest that.

  2. YA! Best bike name ever. You're totally getting the whole "Winterfell" thing down by the way...


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