Cake & Balls

I was in charge of dessert for my BFF's baby shower this weekend, and even though I'm all into fitness and using Greek yogurt instead of mayo and turkey bacon instead of real bacon and keeping things generally low carb/sugar/calorie, I DO NOT make substitutions in dessert. I use real sugar and chocolate and butter and cream. Dessert should be enjoyed in moderation, so a lil butter ain't gonna hurt NOBODY. (Says the girl who ate 4 cookies last night. Nobody's perfect.)

I made a fruit tart and cake pops because I wanted to make a fruit tart and cake pops. 

I need to take better pictures of food. 

I posted my recipe for fruit tart here a while ago and I still use the same one. I don't have that electric can opener anymore though, it passed away quietly after an astonishing 20+ years of life and I replaced with with the most basic sad manual one. It doesn't even have rubber grips, it's all cold, unwelcoming metal that gives me carpal tunnel if I use it too much.


The thing about me and baking is, I tend to do it very late at night. That means that if I forget a key ingredient, I have to weigh the options of waiting until the next day to finish or putting on pants and driving to Walmart at 2am. On Friday, I experienced Walmart After Dark when I had to go buy cream cheese for the tart and a serving dish for the balls. The cake balls.

She's having a girl, in case you misread the frilliness. 
Also, heyyyyy Walmart serving dish.

The trick to successful cake pops is making them slightly larger than you'd think, a little bigger than a ping pong ball. That way, they don't fall off the stick when someone bites into them. I like big (cake) balls and I cannot lie.

Making cake pops isn't  hard, y'all. You bake a cake, let it cool, then crumble it and mix it with about 1.5 cups of icing until it's about the consistency of play dough. Refrigerate for a while. Remove and form into balls, place on wax paper and refrigerate again. Refrigerating hardens the balls and makes it so they hold their form when you put the stick in. (I'm not mature enough for this.)

I used paper straws as the sticks for these.
Totes adorbs.

Pull them out a few at a time for decorating. For the coating, I used Wilton candy melts in pink and white. I like "real" melted chocolate a little better, but the colors were cute for the occasion so I ain't mad about it.

Pro tip: Dip the stick in the chocolate before you stick it in the ball for added stability. 

Once you have the stick in, coat the ball in chocolate. (I just. Twss.) It helps smooth it out if you shape it as you go with a spoon. Add sprinkles if you want before it hardens in 2.7 seconds. Definitely taste test one.

Gordon Ramsay says you should taste your food as you're cooking it.
Who am I to argue?

Then all you need is a little ribbon flair and you're done! Tying bows takes me forever, y'all. Forever. It's not a strength, but I power through fat fingers, re-dos and sloppy bows because presentation is important. 

Cover your cake pops until you're ready to serve them, no need to refrigerate, and then boom, cake pops be poppin'.