It happens

It's been almost a month since I've exercised (until yesterday) because my knee hurts and that's a really good excuse to sit around and eat ice cream until it feels better. The thing is, it hasn't really ever stopped hurting since surgery. Honestly, it hasn't stopped hurting since my first ACL surgery 2 years ago. So why did I stop all of a sudden? I don't know. Life gets busy I guess, and it just sort of got to me and I got lazy and it got easier and easier to skip workouts.

Sound familiar? It happens. You gotta stay on your game even when you try to trick your own damn self out of it. I'm a little limited while my knee is (hopefully) healing for real this time, so I got this nifty lil piece of magic for my bike called a mag trainer that makes it so I can ride inside. Thataway I don't leave my kid home alone while I train, because I'm an A+ parent. He's very excited that he gets the treadmill all to himself now. We exercised together yesterday and it was just as cute as you think it was.

I kept it light on muh knee with 20 minutes on the bike and 30 push-ups so I can build from there. I'm gonna do 30 push-ups with every workout for the next month because I can't be Lord Swoledemort for Halloween without some pumped biceps. Why 30? WHY NOT 30.