Post PRP

I did a PRP injection a couple of days ago to see if I can avoid a third knee surgery, because it's just getting kind of ridiculous at this point. Plus, if it didn't repair my meniscus the last time, why am I gonna eagerly jump under the knife again? Uhnothankyou. Ima try some science first.

I'm no scientist (despite how much I love it), so if you're a PRP guru and you spot something incorrect here, let me know. Basically, they sucked blood out of my arm with an XL syringe. I didn't take pictures, you're welcome. Then they put that blood in a machine that spun out the red blood cells and kept the platelets and plasma, to make it Platelet Rich Plasma. (Aha! That's the thing it's called!) It filled a syringe that was much smaller, only about 4cc's of liquid. THEN they pulled a reverse-vampire and put it back in me, in my knee. So here's the thing, they numbed the skin so I didn't feel the needle stick from the injections, until there was one spot (okay, two spots) where he had to go much deeper (uh, twss), past where the numbing meds stopped providing their magic. Y'all. I thought I was going to break the table I gripped it so hard and suddenly. That shit HURT.

But not as bad as knee surgery. It's all about perspective.

My knee was a different kind of painful afterwards than it was when I went in - full and generally tender all over - but I could walk on it. I gimped out of there and went to get some Tylenol for the pain - no NSAIDs allowed because the inflammation is part of the healing - where I invited the most terrifying karma by parking in the pregnant lady parking spot when I am not, in fact, a pregnant lady. It was just so close to the door and walking was a bit of a challenge and it's not like it was a peak time or anything and now I'm rambling because I don't want to get pregnant and I'm not ready to adopt an abstinence-only lifestyle. 


After I got my Kroger brand extra strength acetaminophen, I went home and iced it with my bitchin' ice pack from knee surgery. I have two, so I whammed with one and then I bammed with the other while I only sort of enjoyed the Kroger brand piece of chocolate cake I also bought, and then before I knew it, it was time to pick up my kid from daycare and I had to mom for the rest of the night. The pain from the injection made me grumpy and stiff for the rest of the evening, but the following day it was a lot better and I was more pleasant to be around. I mean, still not totally pleasant. I'm always an asshole, just sometimes moreso than other times.

It's the one to the left, to the left.
It's barely even noticeably swole.
Which is coincidentally also what people say about my biceps.
Womp wommmmmmp.

Here's hoping the science behind it is sound and my body will heal itself. It happens slowly over a few weeks, so it should steadily start feeling better and better over about a month, when we will assess whether or not a second PRP injection or prolotherapy is needed. Here's an article about it. And here's another one, in case you're interested. 


  1. Interesting! I'm to get PRP therapy on my hamstring, but I'm waiting until the winter when I won't want to run outside for awhile anyways 😀 as my doctor said I'll be on crutches for a couple weeks, and then no activity for a few after that.
    Also, I wanted to tell you, my dad had a meniscus tear in his knee when he was a teenager and never got it fixed. He ran about 20-30 miles per week all his life up until about 3 weeks ago when his knee just started bothering him again, he is 63! I don't know was the healing process was from the tear to get to the point of running regularly, though, but just wanted to give you hope!

    1. Wow, your dad sounds pretty awesome! Good luck with your PRP!


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