Sticky Buns

I remember one time in 8th grade, my Spanish teacher, who I'm Facebook friends with now because that's life in 2015, tackled a gnarly tangle in my hair in front of the whole class. She wasn't doing it to be mean, she genuinely wanted to help so I sat there and let her pull and prod until my hair was tangle-free while my face burned roja. 

Fast forward 16 years to Saturday when I got gorilla glue in my hair and my Spanish teacher wasn't there to help me. All I wanted was to fix my flaccid window.

And after all that, it's still just hanging there all limp.

Y'all remember when I installed those screens? The tape I used to create the grid got a little...disappointing in one part. It's okay, it happens. No reason to let it go untreated. Gorilla glue to the "rescue". 

I got my trusty tool belt, propped my ladder up and taught my kid to call 911 on my phone in case I fell, to which he said, "Mommy, just don't fall." Obviously. Here's the thing, I didn't want to take the whole screen off to fix it. I was hoping that I could just glue it and hold it up there since that tape stuff is super light. Wrong. But I didn't know that, so I went for it. I climbed up, wiped the surface clean and stuck the glue on. I held it there for a solid minute or two while I watched my kid play in the grass from the roof. I turned to put my glue back in my tool belt and let go of it, and it immediately flopped down into my messy bun. 

I mean, what the shit, gorilla glue. Isn't it supposed to be the end-all-be-all of glue? Thanks for nothing.

I cursed loudly enough for my kid to look up but loudly enough for him to know whether I said the F word or the shit word. Or the motherFUCKGODDAMMIT word. (It was the last one.) I left the roof and my limp window to deal with my sticky hair. (Heh.)

Turns out gorilla glue dries super fast on hair. Awesome. After a Google search and going to 3 stores, I returned with a hot oil treatment. It helped a little bit and made the rest of my hair super soft as a sweet side effect. Today I'll rock a Nerky Bun and try hot oil again to get the rest of it out. If that doesn't work, I'll have to call my 8th grade Spanish teacher. 

As far as the window goes, I'll have to take the whole screen off to glue it back together and clamp it properly. That's the only part that has come loose, so overall I'm happy with the tape I used for the grid.

And that, kids, is what we call a turnt up weekend.