Throwback Thursday and Transformation Tuesday

I remember before I got pregnant I wanted to get in shape. I was at my fattest and was ready to make a change so I blindly joined a gym, and during that one free training session they give you when you join a new gym, I told the trainer that I "want to be toned, but not super muscular". Y'all, his eyes rolled so far back into his head that he could see his skull, and I was totally offended by his blatant reaction. I get it now though.

And then I got pregnant. Since I didn't know how to eat healthy and I thought exercise would suffocate Cletus the Fetus, I stopped and just ate my way through 9 months of sweating and back pain. I lucked out though, because the things I craved were fruit, pineapple specifically, and scrambled eggs. Pretty healthy cravings, probably because my body was desperate for basic nutrients. 

One thing pregnancy taught me is to carry a water bottle with me all the time. I started carrying one with me because it was 150 degrees out and I knew I had to stay hydrated to grow all of my baby's limbs (probably). I've stuck with the habit ever since. Plus, my kid came out with two arms and two legs, so I pretty much nailed it.

After my kid was cut out of me, I was seriously motivated. So I said allllllll that to say that you don't need a gym membership - I started out by walking with the stroller to the grocery store, about a mile away, then eventually I got into running with couch to 5k. You don't need fancy workout gear - I wore old t-shirts and shorts. You don't need a heart rate monitor (unless you have a medical condition or something) - I didn't get one until last month, 4 years after I started. You don't need a preworkout supplement - I never took one until maybe a year ago. I like Cellucor C4, but I only take it for really hard workouts, yanno, like triathlons. Getting healthy doesn't have to cost you an arm and a leg, but staying unhealthy might cost you more than that. (BOOM, droppin' motivation up in here.) All you need to do is eat cleaner foods and get your body moving and you'll be on the right track.

July 2011 (3rd trimester) and August 2015. 
I bought a new selfie mirror. Get ready for 'em.
It looks like the left-me ate the right-me.

What's stopping you?