I love awards shows. They're such a clusterfuck of emotions garnished with sparkles and smoky eye makeup. (Ahem, Amy Schumer.) Speaking of makeup, I wish I knew how to contour. I mean, I could YouTube it, but that seems like a lot of time/money I'm not willing to spend.

The Emmys were on last night in case you missed it and/or threw your phone out the window. Cutout dresses are in. Acceptance is in. Strong, funny women are in. Jokes about Donald Trump are in. Game of Thrones is in. Thanks to my manfriend's HBO login, I don't even need the one Andy Samberg gave out to watch it. Do you think GoT got so many awards because they think George R.R. Martin has the power to unexpectedly and violently kill off people in real life, too? It's a possibility.

This award show wasn't as much of a learning experience for me as the MTV ones are, it was more about that spoiler lyfe. The good news is I don't feel obligated to watch Sons of Anarchy anymore. The bad news is a lot of my favorite shows weren't even mentioned. Masterchef Junior is way better than The Voice. Come on, guys, these 6-12 year olds are totes adorbs when they cook things I can't even pronounce. And what about The Walking Dead? Not even a nomination? Welcome to snubsville.

I'm watching Fear the Walking Dead now until the real thing is back (October 12, yessss). It's very stressful. Not bad overall, I just miss Rick. And Michonne. And Carol. And Daryl. And I want to see what's the what with Morgan now. 

I just realized that this post is about nothing. So, there's that. Happy Monday, nerds.


  1. I can't wait for TWD to be back!!! I'm very curious to see how this season will play out.

  2. Replies
    1. October 12. Not that it's in my calendar or anything.


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