PRP update

Ya know, I kinda think that PRP sorcery might be working. Maybe that coupled with calming my tits about running and not wearing heels every day, but still. It's been about 2 weeks and it hurts less than it did before the injection, but it will still get aggravated if I use it too much. It hurts after I bike, but not as much as it used to hurt after I bike. It hurt after I painted a mural all weekend - I'll show you the whole thing tomorrow! - but that's because I was up on my feet, climbing ladders or squatting/kneeling for 2 days straight. So overall, so far, at this point in time, currently, in this moment, right now I'm totally for PRP. The real test will be over the next few weeks to see if it heals the meniscus and the pain goes away completely without surgery.

Dat scar doe. The scar tissue in the biggest scar on my knee from surgery is gnarly AF. It's attached to my bone and WILL NOT let go because it's a stage 4 clinger. It hurts like a B when I do anything ever, so I have to rub it out (doctor's orders, heh) so that it stretches and isn't so stuck, making it so that every time I move it pulls and hurts.

Aight. I can do that. 

Things I've been doing:

- Modified exercise - I don't go beastmode for the time being, just regular mode, not turned up to 11. My 30 minute biking seshes usually burn around 300 calories or so, so I ain't mad.

- Wearing a compression sleeve when I exercise or put a lot of pressure on my knee - like when I painted the mural.

- Icing it almost daily. Ice ice baby.

Things I haven't been doing:

- Wearing my beloved shawty heels. I miss being an average sized human in them, but I'm learning to rock some flats like a boss. Soon I'll get to wear them again. Soon. 

- Running. I miss it, but that's okay. Once I'm healed up I'll be able to hit the pavement again. Chin up, buttercup.

- Watching my calories. Need to though. I've gained the couple of pounds that I lost from the sugar detox back, because when I completely deprive myself it never works out. Just gotta keep it all in moderation. Duh.

Let me know if you're thinking about trying PRP or prolotherapy, or if you've already done it. Especially if you had any weird side effects like growing a tumor with teeth or something. I mean, I'm pretty sure there's no chance of that, but who can really be sure.


  1. You weren't restricted in activity afterwards? I was told when I get PRP that I'd be on crutches for 3 weeks and have no weight bearing, and then PT for 3 weeks to a gradual return.


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