Pumpkin shmumpkin

Fall is here. I only know that because of pumpkin. flavored. everything. I'd drink the fool out of a grande 2 pump nonfat PSL, but I ain't no basic white girl. I'm complicatedThe real hero of the season is the sweet, simple deliciousness that is a caramel apple with sprinkles. There's more of a risk there, too, because what if you bite into the apple and it's mushy? I like to live dangerously with my seasonal treats.

With Fall comes cooler* weather which makes driveway workouts more pleasant. A couple of weeks ago I cleaned out my garage like an adult and carried 12 pallets allll the way around my house to the back yard one at a time. I love when regular life is a workout and I can skip weights. And since we're on the subject...does anyone need 12 pallets? I know a girl for that. (it's me)

*in most places. Texas excluded.


  1. You should also exclude California... it was well over 80 degrees today. Ooomph.

  2. Isn't it sort of California's thing to have nice weather all the time? You don't have to rub your 80 degrees in everybody's face XD


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