Yeah. Me neither.

Do you ever eat awesome all day long, like spot on 200 calorie meals every 2 and a half hours with no slip ups, only to sit down after you put your kid to bed to write a blog post and watch some DVR'd Zachary Levi and accidentally inhale 9,000 Reese's Pieces? neither.

Do you ever mindlessly snack on Hershey's kisses that some chump left on your desk until you realize that it's only 10am and you've eaten like 15?

Um, me neither.

Do you ever tell your kid you'll take him out for donuts and have every intention of skipping donuts but wind up with an old fashioned pumpkin spice donut and PSL instead?

Oh. Me neither.

Do you ever salivate all day about the super delish and healthy dinner you have planned only to wind up working late, having to make 2 stops before you get home and then lose a battle of willpower at 7:45 and eat an entire day's worth of calories in one meal at Chicken Express?

This certainly did not happen to me on Monday.

I absolutely eat 100% clean all the time. I'm perfect in all the ways that exist. I'm a gift to society, really. You're welcome, world. 

The point is, don't get down about all the kale smoothies and 2 hour gym seshes people post about. Chances are they've eaten an entire box of Girl Scout cookies in one sitting too. (Samoas 4 lyfe.) Don't beat yourself up about it, just move on. Last night instead of nomming the ice cream I wanted, I ate a can of green beans with some tea. I mean, that's a little weird, but whatever it was healthy and easy. I'll do that all day long.


  1. Thanks for being real!!
    I may have had that last chunk of my daughter's DQ ice cream cake for dinner Tuesday night... gotta get the dairy/protein/cocoa beans in!!


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