And I didn't even burn the meatloaf.

The whole Star Wars fandom (so presumably everybody in the world, obviously) got collective goosebumps when the new trailer came out on Monday, and then tickets went on sale for opening night 2 months from now. Seems legit. And then the websites crashed due to too many nerds buying tickets. Seems legit. And then opening night(s) sold out anyway. Seems...legit.

Fun fact, when I was a kid I thought his name was Hans Solo. I also thought it was Dark Vader and a lightsaver. I was a dumb 6 year old. Anyway, do you think Luke Skywalker is Kylo Ren? Discuss. I mean probably not, right? But JJ Abrams gets weird like that, ya know? 

Anyway, so I had a meatloaf in the oven when this ticket fiasco was going down. I know, right. What to do? Just call it a loss and drive to the theatre, and risk not only not having lunch for the week but also still not even getting tickets? Wait til it's done and then go? It was a tough decision, but I turned the oven off with 20 minutes to go and got in my car at 10pm to drive across town to my favorite theatre to buy the last 4 tickets for the last available Thursday night showing, because midnight-release Thursday somehow turned into 7pm Thursday. Whatever, I'll take it. Midnight showings blow. Who can even pay attention to the movie that late? I'm an adult with responsibilities, like work and children. I need to be asleep before 3am. 

The best part about it is my meatloaf wasn't even ruined. Well, the best part about it is this new movie looks badass. The second best part about it is I got major points with my manfriend for procuring tickets and I'm looking forward to how those points are going to manifest. (Hint.) The third best thing was that the weather was really pretty so I could roll with the windows down and music up in the car. The fourth best thing was probably that my meatloaf turned out okay. I think the key was keeping it in the oven so it was still cooking even though it was off. I am crushing this fit nerd game.

Also, y'all this meatloaf is so easy that even I can't mess it up:

1 lb. ground turkey
1 c. chopped shrooms OR eggplant
3-4 cloves of garlic
handful of chopped spinach
1 egg
lil bit of worchestershire sauce
lots of rosemary
lil bit of Italian seasoning

Mix all the things. Add onion or whatever else you may have. Shape into "loaf". Bake at 350 for 40-50 minutes. Top with sriracha (or ketchup if you're a wuss/child). Eat. 

This is where I'd put a picture of the meatloaf, but I didn't take one. It's not pretty anyway. It's meatloaf. Here's a picture of the aptly named business next door to the movie theatre instead:

Not just 1 flavor, either. Flavors.


  1. I'm most impressed that you didn't burn/ruin the meatloaf! I wish I had your baking skillz because I would have totally ruined that shizz. I was frantically trying on a tablet, cell phone, moms cell phone and friends cell from the bowling alley once I heard they started selling tickets before the trailer even aired. I lucked out though and managed to score some to the 7pm showing also because I'm old like that.

    1. Nice! Yeah, ain't nobody got time for midnight showings.

  2. Kylo is TOTALLY LUKE! well atleast i think so. hes got the old mask, it would make sense. Becuase jjabrams and plot! But yeah it could be a totally new character! IT WAS SO FREAKING AWESOME RIGHT?!?!! I watched it like 3 times just to see it. Cannot wait for Star Wars. And for the holidays with family, but mostly, Star Wars.


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