Kids and vegetables

My spawn used to eat whatever I put in front of him, and then I stopped breast feeding and it all went tits up. Just kidding, but seriously. I don't know if there's some kind of magical unicorn dust you can sprinkle on vegetables to get your kid to eat them, but I'd buy it. (Turns out that is a thing and it's called "butter and sugar".) Is it on Amazon? Prime or no deal.

He'll eat fruit allll day long. We make "Hulk Smoothies", which is a protein smoothie with extra fruit and spinach to turn it green/trick him into eating spinach. Last month we went to his regular checkup and the doctor herself told him he needs to be eating his vegetables so he can grow big and strong like a superhero.

Y'all. Alllll of a sudden now he's had an epiphany. The doctor said he needs to eat veggies, so NOW it's for real. He ate Brussels sprouts. He ate asparagus. He ate zucchini. He ate carrots. WHAT..? Whose child is this? I mean it's not like I've been telling him that for the past several years or anything. Respect my authority, child.

At least he'll eat 'em now. My baby is growing up.