It's been like 6 weeks or so since I did the PRP injection in my knee for my torn meniscus. My doctor told me to stop running and wearing heels for the time period to give it a chance to work. I said cool, that seems like a totally reasonable course of action. So I made it so. Literally all of my coworkers commented on my height at some point. All of them.

For a while, I was thinking the PRP may be working. And then, mehhhhh. And then definitely not. I'd put it on the same level as a steroid injection. Or botox. Something that helps, but you have to keep going back for more. Honestly, I'm not sure there would have been any relief at all had I been running during that time. I'm not saying it didn't work (okay, I am saying it didn't work)

So as I passed the 6 week mark at the end of September, I'm thinking about my next move. Ain't nobody got time for surgery right now. Prolly just gonna deal with it like a boss, amiright? If it's already torn, I can't really do more damage except maybe (but unlikely) tear it more, and at that point what's the outcome? Either way it will require surgery to repair, so why not get back into doing the things I love? Being tall average height and running. I mean it's gonna hurt regardless.

So I started running again last week. I ran a mile and there was no change in pain. Let me tell you how good that first run felt after almost 2 months of nothing, y'all. Dem endorphins. The next day I ran 1.25 miles with no change in pain. Now I'm up to 2 miles with no change in pain. I'm sold. Slowly I'll progress with mileage, but I'm not in a hurry or anything. No reason to go balls out with it. 

I will say I'm out. of. shape. It's a struggle to run a 10 minute mile, y'all. I'll bounce back, though, just gotta keep on keepin' on. Buildin' muscle. Gettin' faster. Ridin' dirty.

Pro tip, I wear a compression sleeve or compression leggings with my brace and it feels a lot better. Part of my issue with running is my leg feels unreliable, so the compression sleeve combined with the brace gives it some extra stability.