State fair got me like

There are state fairs in most states, right? Are they all terrible? The big deal about the Texas State Fair is the weird fried food that has escalated from just your typical corny dogs and funnel cakes to crazy stuff like fried Thanksgiving dinner and fried beer. So as you'd assume, there were lots of fit people there. (It's clear that was a false statement, right?)

We took the whole crew on Friday afternoon, as in all seven humans in our house merger. The thing is, we spent so much money and I'm pretty sure the kids didn't even have fun. So that always makes you feel pretty solid about your parenting.

Fact: They don't allow selfie sticks so you just have to work the up-angle.
Fact 2: Big Tex is a little less creepy in black and white.
Fact 3: I don't actually have a selfie stick.

There were people everywhere. Rides and games were outrageously expensive. Let's cut to the chase. We ate:

Fried Alligator Egg Nest - Y'all, I dragged the whole Brady Bunch around the fair for at least half an hour searching for this. Not even kidding, it's the one thing I really wanted to try. It's a hush puppy style ball of alligator, cheese and jalapeno, and it was only okay. I mean it was good, but just not great. Womp wommmmp.

Cowboy Corn Crunch - Same as above without the alligator and I think it had cream cheese. It was also only okay.

Fletcher's Corn Dog - overrated. What is people's obsession with these? It's a corny dog. Nothing special.

Fried Oreo - Probably the best thing we had, and it was still meh.

Fried Snickers - Not what you'd think. It was a melty mess of a snickers inside a battered shell-ish thing. I guess that's exactly what you'd think. Whatever, if I'm gonna have a snickers then I'm more down for a snickers ice cream bar, please and thank you.

Funnel Cake Beer - Not bad actually. Not awesome or anything, just a pretty standard beer. An ale if you're gonna be a snob about it.

Smoky Bacon Margarita - Pretty good actually, but I wouldn't want a whole one to myself.

None of the food was stellar, but the good news is we walked so much that we worked off some of it. Maybe like a bite of the fried oreo. Pro tip: take water in with you. You can take a backpack in, which will also come in handy to carry all the BS toys the kids win in the midway and the free pudding samples. Random, but yeah. 

State fair got us like.