You guys, my manfriend and I made a bet. We've both been fatties lately partly due to the stress of everything that comes with moving and buying/selling houses and for me, partly due to cutting back on my workouts with muh bum knee. But I decided that I ain't doing that anymore. It's gonna hurt regardless, so I might as well be fit (holla). Mostly our weight gain has come from not being as diligent about eating healthy because we've been too tired/lazy from life to cook things.

The bet. 
Y'all, I have to win. Like, losing is not an option. We both want to lose around 12lbs by December 31. For me, that puts me at the elusive 130. I've gotten there once and then bounced up to 135, then a little more here and there and baddaboom142wtf. For him, that puts him at 188, but he would look weird if he weighed 130 so I'm on board.

Whoever wins gets a thing. If we both reach our goal, which will be unlikely because as soon as I finish writing this I'm gonna arrange to have 2 dozen warm cookies delivered to him every day for the rest of the year, then it's whoever surpasses it the furthest. If neither of us reach it, then it's whoever gets closest. Meaning there will only be one winner. Meaning I HAVE to win.

The Prizes.
I was fully expecting my manfriend to say he wants an ipad or a new tv if he wins. At the very least some kind of techy gadget, like a drone or gopro. But y'all. He wants bees. Like, he wants bees to make honey while he wears his bee suit and they land all over him with their bee bodies. It's all fun and games until they turn on us and plot their takeover, mkay. I mean are bees even legal? I know they exist, but I dunno, bee farms seem like they should require a permit or someone to tell us we can't have one or something. (Please?)

So my thing doesn't even matter. I have to win so that we don't get bees. It's the best motivation. For the record though, my thing is going on a road trip for a weekend without kids and with wine and snacks. A perfectly normal, non-bug related wish. Plus it's essentially a win for him too. All I get if he wins is maybe some honey and definitely the constant fear that one is on me. Okay sure, honey is good. I like to eat honey. I am okay with buying this honey from someone else who has bees, that's all I'm sayin'. Nobody has to get stung. Nobody has to be constantly looking over her shoulder for escapees. More like escabees, amiright?

It's on like donkey kong, brosephus. Operation lose 12 pounds to avoid getting bees commences NOW. (It has a nice ring to it.)


  1. Haha! Love it! Good luck! I seriously love your blog gives me a good LOL before I work out in the mornings.

  2. haha I can't believe that's what he wants if he HAVE to win!!! good luck!!

  3. Bees? really? I have a friend here in Austin who is the guy to meet, he brings me jars of honeycomb and honey for my Hubs to enjoy. He goes and 'rescues' hives from houses and the fee typically is he gets 50% of any honey found inside and he gets to keep the bees. odd fellow, but interesting stories!

    But I'd rather lose the 12lbs anyday!


    Looks pretty sweet

  5. BEES???!!!! I can't stop laughing! That is the most hilarious thing I have heard in a while. You HAVE to win. I could not handle the constant worry of an escapebee on me. It's like when someone says "lice" and my head starts itching. Shudder. Your blog is THE BEST:)

  6. The bees is hilarious! Go him! I would totally ask for bees and then make my fiance take care of them ;)

  7. Angela (@Spamgela twitter and @Cookiemomster IG)October 19, 2015 at 6:59 AM

    I hope he wins. Bees are good and we need more of them. Go J!

  8. Bees hate me and I've been stung more times than I can count when I was just minding my own dang business so just the fear of someone wanting to own bees would make me lose way more than 12lbs LOL I hope you win!


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