Trick or treat, smell my feet

Halloween is my favorite, y'all. I love making costumes and getting creative and clever and weird with it. Last year my son wanted to be a wacky waving inflatable arm flailing tube man and I said CHALLENGE ACCEPTED, SPAWN. 

With a Yoda candy bucket.

This year he had a tough time deciding what he wanted to be between all the superheroes, and eventually settled on good ol' all American Cap. A small part of me died inside when I bought the costume instead of made it, but they were buy one get one free so now we have Iron Man too. That's just smart planning.

He's almost too adorbs.

I did get to put together my costume, though. It took 4 colors of tulle, some elastic, a corset I got on Amazon and a pair of cheap fairy wings from the dollar store. I made a tutu out of tulle - do y'all know how to do that? I'll post a tutorial if you want - put my hair in a Nerky Bun on top of my head, did my makeup like a first-time stripper (glitter all day long, son) and BOOM I'm the Tinkerbell to my dog's Peter Pom. Pro tip - wear some booty shorts under your tutu. Don't nobody want to see your bits. Also, an added bonus is that the glittery tulle sprinkles a trail of glitter everywhere I go, like I dunno, pixie dust. Totes perf.

Oh heyyyy.

My dog's costume is completely homemade too - a totally easy DIY. I cut the shape of a hat out of a green piece of felt and a feather out of red and yellow felt and sewed it all together, then added elastic to keep it in place. He hates it. It's adorable. Dogs in hats, y'all. It needs to be a calendar.

The thing is, I can't wear a corset and tutu to work, nor can I take my dog, which is arguably the best part of my costume, so I got to get double creative this year and do a work-approps costume. Natch, I'm gonna be a #selfie.

Another easy DIY. It's just foam board that I cut a hole out of and painted to look like Instagram. Pro tip - when you're painting words that need to be centered, find the center of the word and work outward from there in pencil or chalk first. This took about half an hour and $0 to make because I had everything on hand already. This was actually a small tri-fold project board that I'm not sure why I had, so I just cut the outer edges off to use the middle part. You can totally do this at the last minute for your parties this weekend. I have faith in you. #blessed


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