Just wait til I meet someone with Ghost 8's

I don't mean to be bragadocious, but I'm kind of an expert on injuries. Not in a doctor way, more like in a walk it off LIKE A BOSS way. Okay, not really. Now that my knee is fucked three ways to Sunday, I require all sorts of gear to make running acceptable again. 

I love my Brooks. I've been a Brooks girl since before I even ran significant distances, and right now I have Ghost 7s in pink, obv. I saw a girl with Ghost 6s running recently and I commented, "Hey, are those the Ghost 6's?" and she was all, "Yeah," and I was all, "Cool, I have Ghost 7's." And then she just looked at me and I just looked at her and it was awkward and I'm a tool.

I get weird with my compression gear. I use a compression sleeve under my compression capris for my knee, and then I put my hella brace on top of all that. I like Tommie Copper compression sleeves, thanks to a rando I met shopping last Christmas. They seriously make all the difference for me.

Compression sleeve. Capris. Mismatched Socks. Shoes, nay, Ghost 7s. Shirt. Brace. Polar. Headphones.
In that order.

I still love my Elasto Gel ice packs. I learned of their magnificence during physical therapy after my second ACL repair and went to my bae Amazon and bought 2 immediately so I could use one and still have one locked and loaded. I ice when I feel like I need it - after a difficult run or a long day on my feet. 

For those of you out of the loop, I currently have a torn meniscus that the doc tried and failed to repair during my last ACL surgery a year ago. After doing some research, I'm on the fence about a third knee surgery to fix it because, honestly, surgery may not fix it and I would still have pain. Plus, I'm sick of getting cut open. My body, my choice. 

I run/walk now, although I'm getting faster and stronger so soon I'll be back to regular ol' running again. No reason to rush, though. I listen to my bod and walk when my knee started to ache. I typically do 3 miles at a time 2-3 times/week, averaging about a 10:45 pace. I ain't mad about that, there was a time in my life when I had a slower pace and I was running without walk breaks. 

The way I see it, everybody has some kind of pain. Something to bitch about. Some obstacle to overcome. I'm not interested in complaining about it, I'm interested in getting shit done. 

And we are certainly not getting bees, so I'm making it happen.