Java the Huttcakes

Today is the day a bunch of nerds will probably be disappointed have been looking forward to for months. Since when does a midnight showing turn into 7pm the day before? Whatev, I ain't mad about it. I don't want to be up til 3am anyway.

I am, of course, referring to #STARWARS. 

Today also happens to be the day of my office bake-off. Coincidence? Meesa thinks nooo. (That was my best Jar Jar. I'm sorry, it's late.) So I said, surely I can come up with a Star Wars themed dessert worthy of being crowned "Best Baketress in all the Land". Challenge accepted.

That was before I was moving this week and I wound up with half my baking supplies in one house and half in the other. A girl needs her luster dust, mkay? I made it happen though, so I present to you JAVA the Huttcakes.

For the cake:
- 1 box chocolate cake mix
- 1 can Dr. Pepper

Mix until combined. Pour into cupcake pan and bake according to package. Yeah, it's really that easy. You totally don't need eggs and oil to make a delicious cake, it's all a scam. A SCAM I tells ya. If you wanna get fancy, add some caramel morsels. Awww yeahhh.

But seriously, it works. Ideally you'd use cupcake liners, but I left mine at the other house so I didn't. They fell apart a little more than I'd like, but it's fahn. (Crosses arms and purses lips.)

For the icing:
- 2/3 cup butter, softened
- 3 cups powdered sugar
- 2 tablespoons cocoa powder
- 1/4 cup coffee

Mix the butter in mixer until creamy. Combine sugar and cocoa and add to butter. Mix until smooth-ish and add coffee. Add coffee or sugar as needed til it feels right. (When you know, you know.) FYI, this icing comes out with a very strong butter flavor. Mixed with the coffee it's very rich and very good.

The thing about Jabba the Hutt is that he's this big gross slime lizard thing that just lays around in his throne dungeon watching people party like a creep while he has Han Solo frozen in carbonite up on his wall like some weird shrine.

So rather than making these cupcake look like Jabba, which has been done and is RILL cute, I made chocolate Han Solo's as a garnish.

You'll need:
- Han Solo in carbonite mold
- melting chocolate, I like Ghirardelli because it says "I'm slightly fancier than buying Kroger brand"
- metallic silver luster dust - you can get this at a baking supply store

Melt chocolate according to package a little at a time. Pour into mold. Refrigerate until it hardens. Pop it out of the mold and use a dry paint brush to spread the silver luster dust over the tops and sides of each piece of chocolate. It works if a little bit of chocolate shows through as well.

Once you have all the things made, spread your icing on your cupcakes messily, add a bit of silver sprinks and smoosh a Solo on there. BOOM, you've got some Java the Huttcakes with his Han Solo in carbonite shrine. 

They just look like your standard chocolate frosted cupcake, but you've upped the ante a little bit with your luster dust game. You get automatic points because it's just. so. SHINY. Plus, it's like a mocha that just melts in your mouth. 

Is it even a special occasion if you don't bake about it? Nah. Happy The Force Awakens day!