Part 1: What had happened was

I've been keeping a secret since mid-November when I was chatting with my realtor and she suddenly exclaimed, "MAN, it's HOT in here! My fingers feel swollen, do yours?" Then she took off a ring, put it on my finger and asked, "What size ring are you?"

She gets points for effort.

Fast forward to December 12th on the way to my manfriend's work Crimmus party, he "tripped" and "fell" and "hurt his ankle" and "couldn't go on..." 

"...unless I became his wife."

We took a selfie and didn't even post it to Instagram.

His coworkers were all v. confused that he RSVP'd "Mr. and Mrs. Manfriend" because they knew from stalking him on Facebook that he wasn't married. I guess he was confident in what my answer would be. Must have been the whole buying a house together thing, but idk. How awkward would it be if I said no? 30 years of awkward silence and arguments about who should do the dishes. Sounds similar to marriage. Huh.

But we kept it all a secret from everyone, except his coworkers that were ballsy enough to ask that night, because I didn't want the questions. I didn't want it to be a big deal, but I wanted it to be a little more exciting and expensive than just going to the courthouse, but I wasn't sure how at that point. We were moving and had Christmas to plan and the new Star Wars movie to see and certainly didn't want an actual wedding with guests and drama. Going to the courthouse just seemed so anticlimactic though, ya know?

And then he found a place in Vegas where Darth Vader would marry you and we pretty much had to. It's our wedding, so we might as well get weird with it. Plus, finding someone on your level of weird is legit and you have to celebrate that.

The ring he got me says "I love you" and his says "I know", speaking of Star Wars. They're inexpensive from ThinkGeek and I love it more than any diamond ring because it's so much more us. Don't get me wrong, diamonds are pretty and all, but this is just a little more perfect for the occasion.

So on 12/22 I booked us a quick trip to Vegas leaving at 6pm Christmas Eve and returning Christmas day. It was the only 2 days we didn't have any kids because we had celebrated "Christmas" on Christmas Eve morning. Divorce and custody and holidays and multiple exes makes for interesting scheduling, but we can roll with the punches. I was excited about having a Christmas Eve anniversary until...

Stay tuned for part 2.

(Hint: Dallas has two airports.)


  1. Really?!?!? Just leave me hanging like that! Congratulations!! The suspense is going to kill me until the next post. I love the ring idea mostly because my husband and I say those words to each other but don't have cool rings that say it. Congrats again.

  2. NO!!! POST PART DEUX lol. Seriously though Congratulations! I love love the rings and you are so right, finding someone on your weird level IS LEGIT. (13 years here)

    Can't wait to read the rest.

  3. AHHH Congratulations, I think LOL! And those rings are PERFECT!

  4. This is super awesome, especially since I'm a newbie to the Star Wars fandom (I'm a late bloomer, hate me). Best Wishes :)

  5. Perfect!!! I was stoked to see that sneakpeak on IG!! Congratulations!

  6. awesome!!!! Congrats!!!!!!! eeeeeeekkkkkk

  7. Congrats Meg!!! So happy for you!!! <3


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