Spray paint circus

While I should be packing my ish up to move, (not closing on Friday by the way. Cool.) instead I'm spray painting circus animals in my garage for work thangs. Not real animals, cheapie plastic ones I got from Target and the dollar store. 

Side note, how do you get high spray painting? I got carded when I bought it, so I'm assuming it's a relevant question. When I was a kid we got high the normal way, on life. Is it just being in the fumes and breathing them in by proximity, or do you actively shoot spray paint up your nostrils? Seems like it would hit your brain, or at the very least, give you a very artistic looking bloody nose. You could use glow in the dark spray paint to make your next MRI more exciting. You'd be the Banksy of inhalants. (I'm just gonna go out on a limb here and assume this is terrible for you. Do not recommend. Don't try it.)

This was my first time using metallic spray paint and I used 3 different kinds to test them out. First was standard metallic Krylon (not pictured), which was like 8 bucks at Michaels. That's only relevant because the two I liked better were less than $4 each at Walmart. Eff a bunch of paying double for lesser quality, amiright?

I liked both of these.

Really the only thing I disliked about the regular Krylon was the nozzle. These two were much more comfortable to spray. The MAXX, obviously the more full throttle of the two due to its name, sprays a more powerful, even spray. I liked the nozzle of the Rustoleum better, though. Both covered my popcorn in 1-2 coats and both dried quickly. I'd buy both again, but for this project the Rustoleum was slightly better.

Popcorn is a real bitch to spray paint because it runs away from you due to the force of the spray. If you're going to do this, I'd advise short burst of spray instead of a long, continuous spray, which is why I liked the Rustoleum. 

Don't eat the spray painted popcorn, it tastes like ass. Also, don't be a dipshit. Open your garage so you have some air circulating or spray paint outside in the open air.

So pretty.

My holiday party at work is circus themed in case that wasn't clear. I found circus animal plastic toys for around $3 each at Target and then $1 each at the dollar store for our centerpieces. I like how the toys from Target turned out a little better because they were more smooth to start with, but you can't beat $1. These are the dollar store batch in silver:

The snake is gonna represent Slytherin in my HP bathroom in House Nerky.
I know you're excited about it. 

This only took about one coat. If you try this on your own, which you totally should because this could make an adorable bookend or a cute display, spray the top and sides, let it dry, and then flip them and spray the bottom. It took a few hours to truly dry without being sticky, but it's dry enough to handle without smearing the paint within minutes. 

Here's one of the Target toys:

FIERCE, right?

This lion will obvi reside on my desk once the party is over because I'm both a Leo and a Gryffindor. I'm stoked to put the centerpieces together, but you'll have to wait on a picture of that and all the other crafty decor. The party is tomorrow or today or yesterday or 3 months ago Tuesday or last year depending on when you're reading this. Hey if you're in the future, tell me if Jon Snow comes back.


  1. So cute! You have to post pics of how you set up the decor at the office party. When I worked as an exec. assistance I handled all of the holiday parties. I loved it and I do miss it.

    1. I will! I'm not sure how I wound up with the task, but it's a pretty fun and not at all stressful part of my job.

  2. Cute theme and I love the spray paint. Also totally stealing your HP master bath idea, so can't wait to see yours.

    Good luck closing on the house soon.
    Also, happy one week til EPVII

    1. YES I CAN'T WAIT! Are you going opening night? Because we are and it's gonna be a zoo and I'm pumped about it.

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