I didn't make new years resolutions this year because I'm an ongoing work in progress and there are probably too many things to list anyway. Also I forgot. This may be due to drinking a whole bottle of champagne. 

I'm still figuring out my new routine and when to workout and how my knee's gonna do and all that shiz between work and unpacking boxes on boxes on boxes and now cleaning up husfriend's house to sell. I've noticed there are more people out running and the gym is a little more crowded. There are more people walking the hallways at work to get in some steps, me included. 

When you see new people at the gym, don't be dicks, y'all. We were all the new kid once. A lot of us were even the new kid on January 1st. We didn't know wipe the machine down when we finished. We didn't know to re-rack weights. We didn't know how to share equipment. We were scared of the gymbros that carry around gallon jugs of water. We were intimidated by all of the muscles. We were nervous to go on the weights floor and just stuck to cardio for a while, and by cardio I of course mean slow elliptical while reading a book. We took up valuable space on machines, and look at us now. Some fine ass mofos up in here because of our HARD WORK, SON. You gotta start sometime.

Just kidding. But seriously, Carol.

My point it, yeah, the gym is a little more crowded and it will be for a while. There are new faces in the locker room creepin' on your buns o' steel. These are people who have made a decision to make a change in their lives to be healthier, so let's let 'em. 

Unrelated side note, today Mercury goes retrograde and the internet is exploding about it. Last time it went retrograde, I lost the house I was buying and my phone died dead. I'm not saying this shit is legit, I'm just saying I'VE GOT MY EYE ON YOU, MERCURY.