Do you ever see someone on IG or Facebook with bangin' abs or jacked arms or quadzillaaaaaa and you're over here like, where did I go wrong and why am I so fat?

Yeah me too. It's that good ol' comfortable-in-a-relationship cushion. I mean, not really. It's more that good ol' life slapped me in the face with some responsibilities I had to take care of and working out got sent to the back burner scenario. You know, that old gem. We finally got our swoleroom workable this weekend, so I'm pretty pumped to get weird in there with some workout videos and cardio circuits.

I can't wait to sweat all over the carpet for that real life gym smell.
It's all about authenticity.

I'm on the "I have a pool in my backyard now" diet plan, y'all. That means business because summer in Texas starts in like April and that's basically tomorrow so we gotta make something happen here. Also we need to hire a housekeeper because I'm not about to be wasting time on chores when I could be laying by the pool, mkay. We should probably go ahead and hire a chef too, so I can spend maximum time outside. It's only fair.

Another room we* almost completely unpacked this weekend is the Inspiration Station™ aka my art studio/office. My artfice. It's this teensy sort of weird landing space above our entry way and stairs. It's kind of a hallway to nowhere and it ends in this perfectly sized loft for mah stuff.


White walls, blech.
Not for long.

Basically all of the furniture from my condo is in this room and our bedroom.
I ain't mad about it, I love my space.

That looks down at the entryway/staircase.
That print is from Ikea.
That easel has been broken for years and my husfriend fixed it this weekend.
Shout out to my own personal handyman.

Anyway, so the swoleplan is to get down with 5ish-am club, aka earlyAF, workouts at home. We'll see how it goes this week because I'm not a morning person, but I'm also not willing to be a fat person so I gotta compromise somewhere. Lunch workouts don't work with my schedule anymore because I usually take short lunches in order to be available for school pick-ups and after work there's about a 78% chance I'll blow it off and lay on the couch instead. 


  1. I was just thinking about 5am workouts this morning... I lost weight over Christmas [GO ME!] ... but have gained 14 pounds since this time last year. I've kept up at a 40-50 pound loss for over a year now, and no way in hell do I want to be back at 260+ so morning workouts will have to be my friend. (starting tomorrow... because when it is -20 up here in Minnesota, warm blankets and bed feels to good!)

    I'll take some inspiration from you... workout buddies from 5 states away - LOL

    1. Hey good job! -20 is a buncha BS. I can't even.

  2. I wake at 5am to feed my 3 month old and think I should get to it when he is done eating but then I put him back to bed (that is literally a pack and play butted up to the side of my bed) and I roll over and go back to sleep for an hour... because I get such good sleep in that hour (haha).

    1. Hahah I can totally relate. I'll snooze every 9 minutes for 45 minutes before I have to get up and rush around to leave on time. Totally pointless.


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