The question I hate

I get it all the time now. Not the one you're probably thinking of, the good ol', "So when are you gonna have KIDS?!" Precisely zero people have asked us that, probably because people assume we got married because I'm pregnant. I like to think most of y'all know me better than that. (We didn't and I'm not.) Or maybe it's because we have so damn many kids already. I mean I can't even keep count. Probably should microchip them in case one escapes.

No, it's, "So how's married life treatin' ya?"

Uh, I guess pretty similar to cohabitation in sin? Or maybe I should say, "Better than the first time." Or maybe, "Pretty sweet, lookin' forward to our tax break." Or better yet, "Pretty solid, we've already begun to let ourselves go and any day now I'll be back in my size 14's. Hey, you gonna eat that?"

Don't get me wrong, my husfriend is awesome. I love being married to him, it's just that being officially married didn't change our relationship at all, except that now I can be covered on his insurance plan, and he can say "mah wahhf" instead of "mah girlfriend". (He's got a RULL thick Texas drawl.) Whooptydoo. 

To really answer the question, my life is fun and hectic, but not because I'm married. It's because I'm fun and hectic. Organized chaos. I have 6 barbarian roommates in a house we're still not fully moved into and a job I have to go to every day in order to get paid, plus I keep accepting freelance projects because duh, they're the fun part of my job. 

Like these rad baseball themed wedding invites. it a...(wait for it)...home run?
I'm batting 1000 on sweet baseball designs.
I'll stop.

And why not also get my shit together and start training for triathlons this year? Probably should go ahead and take some classes too, just to keep my schedule as tight as possible. We're figuring out our routine and what works and doesn't work. We fight and then we make up and then we learn and fix things and move on. He's supportive, I'm supportive, blah blah blah. When I told my husfriend that it didn't really feel like we're married, he said, "Why, because we like each other?"

So I guess married life is easy. And difficult. And hectic. And fun. And hard work. And pleasant. And stressful. And exciting. But not because it's married life. Just because it's life.


  1. I love how happy you are and always enjoy reading! Your zest for life is infectious and so is your sarcasm! Keep doing you!!


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