Oh hey

Do you ever see an old picture of yourself and wonder what happened to that person?
Like, did I eat her? 

Last summer at the end of the Toll Tag Tri.
Not only do I pay to drive on the highway, I paid to do at triathlon sponsored by said highway.
Does that mean I paid twice?

It's so easy to get fat, y'all. The challenge is keepin' it sexy, whatever sexy means. Me? I'm feelin' a lil jigglier than I like. A little softer. A little weaker. After work but before I get home workouts (aka AWBBIGH workouts. It's catchy(?)). have been pretty solid though, as long as I can leave work on time. 

Have you ever heard that someone busier than you is running right now? Yeah, why don't you put down your green juice and say that to my FACE.

It's about time for a deadline to work toward. Methinks a sprint tri in March. Or maybe a half marathon in April. Actually, scratch that. Probably not a great idea on my knee. We'll just play long races by ear. 

As far as a short term goal, I'm committing to reaching my step goal every day this week. Do y'all Fitbit? Find me! 10k, betch. I'm slammin' it. ERRRRDAY.