Oh, that's what Run DMC looks like now?

The Grammys is probably my favorite awards show because it's got the cool fashion and awkward moments of all the other shows, and also it's a 3 hour long concert preview from my couch where no pants = no problem. The only thing better would be if I was a presenter so I could wear a bitchin' sparkly gown and collect my $22k swag bag. Since that's not the case, serve me some leftover tortilla soup and let's get this no-pants party started. 

Dear The Weeknd, WHY CAN'T YOU FEEL YOUR FACE? That's not a thing, I'm 87% sure. Or maybe see a doctor? Am I not cool enough for this song? Side note, my husfriend deadpanned that his hair looks like a chicken and now I can't unsee it.

Is Kendrick Lamar upset about something? Is he having a seizure? Idk.

That Katy Perry "lash plumping" mascara commercial has a disclaimer that she's wearing fill-in lashes. LOL. I mean, that's not Grammys related, but it came on during the show twice and we lol'd both times at the blatant false advertising.

Hamilton performance: okay? Neat? I mean, why? But okay.

Gwen Stefani reminds me of Headrush Holly aka Holly the Hair Stylist. Or Maybe Holly reminds me of her, either way fierce blondes are fierce.

Adele slayed AS ALWAYS even though there was a monkey playing a bass drum in her piano. She's so cool, I wish she was my mom-friend. Like that friend you have that you go to playdates and brunch with. This would, of course, require me to quit my day job to accomplish, so maybe Adele would spot me fiddy for mimosas. 

BIG NEWS: Justin Bieber's beard game is weak. I love that song though and I ain't even ashamed. (My mama don't liiiike you and she likes everyone...)

I totally thought the Alabama Shakes was some hipster/country crossover sort of like Mumford and Sons ish. Nope. I guess this was the first I'd heard their music. Mehhhhhh.

Oh hey, Sofia Vergara aka Pitbull's hype girl. I see you. I see you shimmying away from him as fast as possible. (He oogs me out SO MUCH.)


  1. ummm....I didn't even notice the fake lashed in the KP commercial. Thank you for pointing it out to me...I'm going to use it in an up-coming English lesson on fallacies. :)


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