on the FIRST DAY

Y'all know I'm taking a few classes after work now, so last week on my first day of class I pulled into the parking lot of design school, aka the community college (lezbehonest), and decide that I'd rather take my chances in the creepy parking garage than the poorly lit parking lot because my parking spot would be closer to the entrance. I was discussing my parking options on the phone with my husfriend and he reminded me to stab potential assailants in the eyeball with my car key, should the lack of light draw the wrong crowd. Noted.

I get to class and I'm one of six people. There's a guy in his early twenties and a woman with a long gray braid sitting by each other in the front row. There was a middle-aged guy in the third row. I sat in the second row and started working on a personal project before class began, when not one, but TWO Asian women with the same name came in. Not just, "OMG you're name is Sara, too?! With or without an H? With? Ahhhh I'm without!" But the same first AND last name. 

Way to pull of a stereotype, guys. 

So alright, that presents a problem in naming our folders on the server. This class is for Flash (an obsolete program in the Adobe suite now called Animate, fuhgeddaboudit). We're supposed to create an electronic folder to put the stuff we make in it so it's there for viewing and whatever. Easy enough. The two Asians work it out with their name and the twenty-something names his folder his gamer tag (translation: the name he uses to play video games with), because of course he does. This kid is also wearing sunglasses indoors, at night. So obviously the teacher pokes a little fun at him like a, "THAT'S your gamer name? n00b," kind of comment, and then everybody chuckles and we move on and he's all, "Oh man now you're gonna totally own me in whatever game hahaha jokez," and I shit you not the kid PULLS OUT A KNIFE.

Shit got REAL on the first day of design school. 

He's all, "I'm totes jk I only have it because I have idle hands." And I'm all, "Okay from this angle if I sneak in quick, I can totally rip his sunglasses off and stab him in the eyeball before he knifes anyone."

So the teacher's like, dude you gotta not do that. And he's all, k, but I have to have something in my hands and he pulls out a yo-yo. Now I'm wondering if my key stab plan will work, because what if he's some kind of yo-yo ninja and yo-yos me in the eye before I can key stab him in the eye? So far it hasn't come to that, but I keep my keys in reach and my RBF on point should the knife make another appearance. 

And that's how design school began.


  1. seriously...this is the best thing I have read all day, all week and maybe the whole month of March. But lezbehonest it's only the 9th! You seriously kill me!

  2. Only YOU would have this experience!!!! LOL!


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