Spring forward

I LOVE springing forward y'all. Sure you lose an hour, but it also means longer days, summer around the corner, pollen tickling my allergy holes, all that jazz. (Okay that last thing sucks monkeynuts.) The thing is, my phone is being kind of an asshole about it. I thought I could trust it. It's not like some old 1997 Nokia with a busted antenna, I thought it had my back, but NOPE.

It plays this fun game called "set daylight savings time and then randomly change back without warning". It's an exciting little jig we do. I'm all, "Hey Siri, what time is it?" And she's all, "It's seven twenty-seven a.m., Meg-uhn" and I'm all, "WHAT THE FUCK SIRI I'M LATE," because at some point in the night it pulled the old switcharoo and now I have to call my stepson's school and explain that he was late to geometry because of Steve Jobs. And now they just think I'm the crazy stepmom, but that's probably okay because now hopefully I've shown that I'm too irresponsible to participate in any sort of booster club and/or PTA type committee. 

On second thought, shout out to Apple. I owe you one.

I figured out that it's the time zone that randomly changes. I don't know why it does it, but I toggled the switch to turn off the "set automatically" feature (Settings > General > Date & Time on an iPhone) and that seems to have fixed it, meaning the kid made it to geometry on time today. Phew.


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