Design School

Guh, sorry for the lack of regular posts lately. I'm taking some night design classes so people take my resume seriously as a graphic designer and between that and work and raising the next generation (the entire next generation lives in my house), I have less time for stuff like blogging and unpacking boxes from our move...3 months ago.


So I'm taking a class in Photoshop right now, which admittedly I don't use a whole lot, except to make myself skinnier in Instagram pics (jk, y'all. Calm ye tits.). So I know some basic stuff in good ol' PS, but nothing super advanced. Mostly for my day job I use it to brighten people's faces for photos on a website, smooth skin, remove a wrinkle or 7, etc. Nothing too exciting.

So we had homework for class. I was supposed to cut something out of one image and put it in another image. I've done that before, most recently for our honeymoon/surprise wedding announcement:

See, because the Death Star wasn't actually there.

I know, I'm sorry I lied to you. Also, the treed part? Fake. That was a big ass highway before. Knowing what I know now, I would change the lighting on our faces. But hey, that's the point of practice.

I thought it would be cheating to submit this picture, plus I'm not taking these classes to cut corners, I want to learn all I can, ya know? I'm totally that asshole that asks for extra assignments. (Nerd alert.) But I learned everything I know now - I mostly use Illustrator and a little InDesign and Photoshop - from trial and error and Google. I would take an already created piece of vector art and recreate it to learn the tools. Practice makes perfect, right?

So here's what I'm submitting, before:



Snot perfect, but you get the idear.

I'm sure my friend won't mind that I subbed her out, right? Also looking at this picture makes me wanna do another race. Also makes me wanna fit in those short shorts again without a muffin top. #goals


  1. This totally makes me want to sign up for a triathlon immediately. Congrats on going back to take design classes!


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