My stepson's birthday party sleepover extravaganza (slumber party?) was this weekend, and being the adult in charge is a new level of strange. Just like how swimming as a kid is hella fun, and swimming as an adult is hella work, being the parents hosting the sleepover instead of the kid attending a sleepover is SO WEIRD. I don't know what to say or what to do or how to sit is it hot in here do you think I'm just the right amount of cool or are we trying too hard I DON'T KNOW WHAT TO DO WITH MY HANDS.

This was my first teenage sleepover as a stepmom. Actually, I'm pretty sure it was Jason's first too (that's my husfriend's name, y'all). So I did what I know. I fed them. Like a mom.

ALL the snacks.

Chocolate cupcakes with strawberry filling topped with whipped cream. Aww yeahhh.

Xbox cake

Fondant is pretty and all, but I don't like working with it and kids rarely like eating it. Plus, I've hear rumors of interestingly colored....movements. That's less related to fondant and more related to the amount of dye, but yanno. I'll report back if I hear of any bloop. The controller is made/shaped out of fruity pebbles rice krispie treats and covered in icing and fondant, like last year's Avengers cake for my little spawn. Pro tip: freeze a block of rice krispie (I used fruity pebbles because it tastes better), and then carve it out of the frozen block. Refreeze as it starts to get too sticky to work with.

Mostly it was a breeze because they played games all night with the occasional light saber battle break.

And then we fell asleep before they did because we're lame parents. Or maybe it was the wine, who can say.

The princesses slept in and my manfriend made them waffles for breakfast (lunch) because he's adorbs, and even though it rained all day, these honey badgers DGAF. They swam and spa'd anyway and stayed most of the day.

Overall I think we did aight. High fives all around.


  1. I remember for my daughter's first sleepover I went ALL out. Snacks, treats, movies, all of this. And then I realized I didn't give a damn so each subsequent one after that has gotten more and more lame. I think the last one they had to share a snack pack of cookies because I hadn't gone grocery shopping. Oy.


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