Why I had to return my Fitbit

I may not have been great at achieving all the step goals, but dammit I liked trying. Plus, wearing it on my wrist reminded me to get up off me arse. Notice how that's past tense. (And Irish, but that's irrelevant.)

The thing is, it burned me. Literally. Or maybe it was some kind of rash/allergic reaction. I don't know, but either way I DO NOT DIG.

I'm not sure if it was a burn or a rash. It stung and peeled like a burn though. Either way, I contacted Fitbit about it after it happened twice, and they were SO AWESOME. No questions asked (well, a few necessary questions), they sent me a return label to ship it back and processed a refund for the purchase price. After googling it, it seems several people are having issues with the Fitbit band causing a reaction, possibly due to nickel (if I had a nickel for every time I had a skin reaction, I'd have a lot of skin reactions) so I may steer clear of them all together. That's okay, because now my eyes have been opened to a new world of exciting wrist wear, or as I once heard in a tv show for douche canoes, "wrist format time-keeping instruments".

So, as I await my refund check, I'm shopping around for other fitness trackers because even if I don't 100% pay attention to my steps, the fact that it was on my wrist was a constant reminder to park further away or get up and walk around for a while. Plus, I liked that it told me when I got a text. 

I REALLY like the idea of step tracking as jewelry as opposed to a bulky smartwatch. But I also want the features of a smartwatch that I liked - text and call notifications. (Why yes, I do screen texts.) Luckily there are some pretty options and I CAN'T DECIDE.

There are smart watches that look like regular watches from Fossil and Pebble that I like a lot. 

Fossil watch $275 at Fossil and Amazon
Hey there, Prime shipping.

Pebble Time Round $199 at Pebble.com or $179 at Amazon.
Hey there, Prime shipping and a $20 savings for shoes.

For a $100 difference, the Pebble gets as good of reviews as the Fossil watch, most of the time slightly better. I was sold on this one UNTIL...

Ringly Aries bracelet $199 (on sale) to pre-order.
Not available til summer. Boo hiss.

The Aries is a smart BRACELET y'all. It's pretty and subtle enough to wear it daily. (YES PLEASE to the white one.) It tracks your steps and changes color or vibrates when you get notifications for whichever apps you connect it to. The downside is you can't really screen a text because it doesn't actually appear like on a traditional smart watch, but you know you received one via the stone changing color (how COOL is that?) or vibrating if your phone is on silent or in the depths of your mom bag. I love how simple the design is. This company makes a ring that's available now in the same style, but I'm not into wearing rings so that's a no-go for me.

I legit can't make up my mind between the Pebble and waiting for the Ringly bracelet this summer. To be clear, I don't have any of these. I'm just a girl in a grown up world trying to make a decision on a piece of smart wrist wear. Which would YOU pick? (WWJD?) Are there better things out there? Do tell.


  1. I like the fossil cause....it's a Fossil and I don't like bracelets and the Pebble has the time so small, old eyes can't see it! So you got the old lady opinion so go ahead and buy the one you want, sweet child...lol

  2. I only say this because you have a kick-ass sense of humor: when I first read your tattoo, I though it said "Fart". This is from someone whose wrist tattoo once read "Be the change." and now looks more like "Do the charge."

  3. Sad you Fitbit didn't work out. I have the ChargeHR and haven't had any issues. Under my arms though ... a sweat/friction issue (I'm working on treating it). I've heard a lot of good things about Garmin too, although it isn't pretty.


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