Humble pie

I've been swimming in my neighborhood pool to practice for the tri that I'm still on the fence about doing in mid-June. I have til Friday to decide. It's just that...lakes are icky and mama's not interested in drowning. We'll see though, there are some races coming up that have a pool swim and I'd probably be more down (further down?) with that. Because lakes are icky. It's worth saying twice.

So the other night I was at the lap pool swimming, and it was uncharacteristically busy. Probably something to do with it being warm outside now. Anyway, so I was grumpy to begin with because ugh work and ugh chores and ugh not enough sleep and ugh first world problems and there are these fuckers normal teenagers that seem to gravitate to wherever I'm swimming so I have to go around them. They're just playing normal kid-at-the-pool stuff, but dammit I'm tryna swim heah, but I adjust my path to accommodate because the world doesn't revolve around me, no biggie. 

Until I was minding my own damn business swimming laps and one of them jumped right into me. Aw hayl naw. So what did I do? I audibly scoffed at them LIKE AN OLD ASS and picked up swimming laps again. 

Two strokes in, I inhaled some water and had to stop to have a coughing/gasping for air fit. Like an old ass. 

Karma, amiright? 

I'm not some old ass. I'm not some un-fun grown-up, but I certainly was that night. Time to take a deep breath (of air this time) and yank that stick right on out of my ass.


  1. There is so much I could say here. I probably would have done more then scoffed. Where are their manners, you were there first and minding your own business. They should have at least had the decency to let you be... I am sure it is a big pool and enough room that they didn't have to invade the one lane you were using. But them maybe I am a crunchy old ass that thinks not enough youngsters are taught manners these days.


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