In the kitchen

Mawwidge is what bwings us togevvah. 

Y'all I've been living marriage part deux for about 6 months now, and can I just say that I'm still struggling to find a workout routine? (#strugglebus) Maybe lack of routine is my new routine. The new normal does not include meal prep like I'm used to, but I do plan our dinners out on a handy-dandy dry erase board in the kitchen. And I make sandwiches for the week on Sunday for the kids' lunches and freeze them. It's the most genius thing a family friend taught me, partly because you get it all done at once so you're not stuck making sandwiches every night, and partly because the frozen sandwich acts as the ice pack in their lunch boxes. And it thaws by lunch time into a perfectly normal sandwich. It's the best.

Sandwich game, efficient AF. 

This is a very grown up thing to be excited about. 

Let's not pretend this is all about mature life hacks. Did I tell you about the "I see a cat" kid? I didn't. We have new neighbors, and we had the pleasure of meeting one of their kids when she visited our house on a door-to-door mission to sell "posters". Obviously I had to see them, and at that point I would have felt like a grade A dillhole if I didn't buy one, so I chose the best one and forked over $.50. Ever since then, "I see a cat" has been the anchor of our fridge art display, because sure.

The next one is a page from the Sweary Book adult coloring book, which is a truly fantastic thing. You need to get it or print the free pages by joining the newsletter. It's the prettiest motherfucker in the kitchen.

And then there's my belated Mother's Day gift from the only girl. Being a stepmom is weird and cool and I don't care that she spelled my name wrong or that the vase is crying blood tears, because she made me an actual poster, dammit. Plus she thinks I'm rad, so maybe I'll be the cool stepmom that buys her her first bottle of mango rum or something. So, whatever. Maybe it's fine that meal prepping doesn't happen as much anymore. I mean, there are a lot of kids to take care of now. I'll just keep rollin' with the punches and running/biking/swimming when I can. 


Also, this is what my dog looks like after a bath and it's so cute and pathetic that I can't keep it all to myself. You're welcome.