Throwback Tuesday

All weekends should be three-day weekends. I had the most satisfying organization experience this weekend. Three things:

1. I did all of my laundry. All of it. Even the things I was wearing while I was washing the first round. Literally all of my clothes are clean now, and here's the real triumph, it's also all put away. It's all about celebrating every victory. Usually I'll do laundry on Sunday and then leave it in the basket for a week or two, til I either put everything away at once, or decide it's too wrinkly to wear, so I wash it again.


2. Okay the second thing, I organized all the apps on my phone. Yep. They were all spread across like 5 pages, some in folders, some livin' that no-strings-attached life. I didn't go so far as to clean out my email folder, still sitting pretty at around 16,000 unread emails, but all of my apps are now in appropriate folders. Baby steps. It will only be a bitch and a half to find everything for a little white, right? That's what I'm telling myself.

3. And the third thing, it's a big one, I sorted through all of my pictures on my old laptop, which I had had since 2006, organized them into folders, backed it all up and put them on my newer laptop. (The one I've had for 6 months. Yeah.) Same with iTunes. It was a pain right in the ass, but I did dig up some gems that I had forgotten about. It mostly pictures of my kid eating, sleeping, laughing or bathing with some old chubby pics and some more recent, but still old, skinny/fit pics, both of which are making me evaluate my current life choices.

He was brand new. Like 6 weeks old or something.
Sleeping, as previously mentioned.
Me? Chubby, tryna grow out that fug haircut.
Smiley though, because baby.

Fast forward to his second birthday party.
Tryna do all the things at his party, like a mom.
The party I threw together at the last minute.
Because I had ACL survery 2 weeks prior.

He used to eat whatever I put in front of him with no argument.
What a blissful time.


This is a selfie I sent to my husfriend when we were dating.
I need my face to be that lean again. Thin? Defined? Whatever, I have a layer I need GONE.

I used to do so many fun races.
We were Team Cap for this 5k.

My frands are so pretty. 
No homo.
I think this was at one of the kid's birthday parties, but I can't remember.

Slightly more toned, slightly fewer responsibilities.
BRB I'm gonna go do some crunches.
I mean, look how flat that stomach is?!

After 2 ACL surgeries, with residual pain and a torn meniscus, I still did a tri.
Several, in fact.
I need to find that drive and motivation I used to have.
It's probably in the same place as my sense of purpose.
(Well that got dark.)

This picture is fairly recent, I just like it.
I mean look how crazy sexy cool he looks.
But still Star Wars nerdy.
I dig it.

So my organizational weekend not only made me feel more like I have my shit together, but it also kicked my ass into gear by making me feel like my shit is all over the place re: fitness. Nothing like seeing pictures of how you used to look to get you motivated, both the chunky ones and the super fit ones. And this, kids, is why selfies are A-OK in my book.


  1. I'm in the "searching for drive, motivation and sense of purpose" spot now, too.
    I lost 64 pounds and was 30 away from goal weight.... then sometime between October and February I packed on 37 pounds (don't ask... still not sure how that happened) - now trying to kick my but back in gear and get down to a happy weight/place/life.

    Good luck! You still look amazing, regardless! Carry on, warrior mom! :)

  2. I've been organizing my photos as well and printing them out for the scrapbooks every time Walgreens has a ridiculous deal on prints. I don't know when I'm actually going to scrapbook them, but yeah. I'm one step closer so it's still a win.

    1. I def need to print them out too! That's the next step.


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