Winner Winter

I started tri-training again, y'all, because no matter how many times you tell me, I still refuse to believe there are only 24 hours in a day. Sunday was my first outdoor ride on Winter and it's quite a bit different than training indoors in air conditioning while watching Jessica Jones on Netflix. Like I have to actually use the features of the bike. Like the brakes. And I have to take into account the world around me. Like wind and hills and cars.

My quads and peripheral vision muscles hurt just thinking about it again. 

It turns out I was blindingly unaware of exactly how out of shape I am. I remember riding my bike 10 miles (uphill both ways in the snow) no problemo. Just an easy Sunday afternoon ride. Yesterday I was huffing after 2 miles. TWO.

Houston, we have a fatty problem. I gotta get it into gear (that's a little bike humor for ya) STAT, lest I come in last place in the tri like last time. Okay I wasn't last place, but damn near. Swimming is hard.

Speaking of, I had my first swim on Sunday too, aka the highly anticipated and much revered return of the cheeseburger swim cap. First of all, it's possible that I was so tired biking because I swam 350 meters first and this was the first time in a while I had done either of the things. Second of all, I am one lucky mofo to have a lap pool in my neighborhood within walking distance of my house. I mean, seriously. #blessed

So the race that I want to do is in mid-June, which gives me roughly 6 weeks to get my shit together enough to not drown. Plenty o' time. I mean, probably. Sure. (#confidence)

May the fourth be with you.


  1. Your #blessed had me rolling this morning. I use it all the time sarcastically. You can totally rock your tri with 6 weeks of training...if there is a will and determination there is a way.


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