I would suggest a staycation, y'all. I love the beach and I love traveling, but we had just as much fun doing stuff around here and we saved a shit ton of money on a hotel. I mean, there are 7 of us. That ain't no $69 hotel room, nawmsayin?

We spun a wheel each morning to decide our destiny for the day, The kids got a kick out of it and now mama's gonna use it to decide who does which chores. Everybody wins. Not really. I win. Just me.

I'm all about that Prime life

The kids all unanimously voted that putt-putt was their least favorite both because it was so hot and we're all assholes that don't like to wait patiently for our turn. They all had fun playing the video games at the place though - our youngest is like a savant at ticket games. He won like 2000 tickets without even trying. Helloooo shitty prize booth. They all liked go-karts there too, and I think they especially liked watching me curse out the asshat that smashed into my go-kart full speed from behind. My kid was with me in the passenger seat and I went full-on mama bear on this little shit. Naw gurl, I can't let you recklessly putting my kid's life in danger slide. 

They all liked the water park and six flags so much that they passed out in the car in the way home. It was fun taking them to do things they either haven't ever done or haven't done in a long time, then coming home to sleep in our own beds. We swam every day and didn't stress any kinda way about food or planning or anything. We ate out a lot and not doing dishes after every meal was so rad. Plus, one of the best things in life is when someone else cooks for you, amiright?

It's been hard getting back to normal these past couple of days. I have to set an alarm? I have to go to sleep at a reasonable hour? Ew. I'd like to time travel back to last week and stay in it, please and thank you.