Classy cakes

It's officially July, which means it's my birthday month. (Cue the trumpeteers and confetti canons!) Not just ANY birthday month, but my thirtieth birthday month (eff trumpeteers, bring booze and pizza). I'm pretty sure it's my turn to receive a homemade cake, and I'm PUMPED about what the kids and husfriend come up with. (10 bucks it's a dick.) I mean, I make cakes for every single one of their birthdays every year.

The cakes we made last week, yeah we - my husfriend totally helps - were both, ermm, doody themed. Because we're gross. Also hilarious.

The girl of the bunch told us she wanted rainbows and unicorns, so we gave her exactly that, because what do we all know about unicorns?

Yep. They poop rainbows.

Taste the rainbow.

We made the cake itself all rainbow swirly too. It's like a Lisa Frank Trapper Keeper on the inside. It's a regular cake with buttercream icing and the rainbow colors filled in with icing too, then we added the skittles on top. Fact: you need regular skittles and the ones in the green bag, because blue. We halved some skittles to create the 3D effect on the toot bridge, which was a small piece of plastic coated in fondant. The unicorn is all fondant and my husfriend sculpted the face and, *whispers*, butthole, which both turned out SO GREAT that now he's my official cake sculptor. 

I mean, that face.

When a man can sculpt a unicorn arse, that's when you know he's a keeper.

The unicorn cake was at the beginning of the week, then at the end we celebrated the 13 year old's birthday. When your family is like mine, you celebrate holidays when you're together, not necessarily on the exact day. We took the crew out for sushi, because obviously taking 5 kids to a revolving sushi bar is a good idea and not chaotic at all, but not before we enjoyed dessert first.

Best turd I've ever eaten, hands down.

Simple. No frills. Just a big ol' poopcake. Don't even worry about it, this is a totally normal sort of thing to make. Stop looking at me like that, Carol. 

We made it by using the top part of the Wilton giant cupcake pan on a regular 9" round cake. We carved out the tail and sculpted the whole thing with chocolate icing. Not too shabby, amiright?

They both got a kick out of their cakes, along with the whole rest of the crew, and that's what counts. Happy Friday and happy July! Who else is pre-ordering Harry Potter and the Cursed Child? Just me? Whatever. 


  1. Those cakes are awesome! And how cool that your husband will help you? Mine, not so much! You guys rocked it! Happy 4th!


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