DIY all day

How was your long weekend? Good? Cool. I spent mine fixing drywall, painting a chimney and waiting patiently while an 8 year old tested my whistling capabilities. The good news is that now I know how to repair drywall and paint a chimney. Plus, we saved ALL the doll hairs by doing it ourselves. The only bad news is all the time this house has sucked out of us. I think we're both maxed out.

That's MY section.
My precious.

The girl wanted me to help her find her cat. She did a little sing-song whistle, teeth click melody and then asked if I could whistle. I said yes. She said do it. I said no. 

Listen, you little shit. I told you I can do the whistle, that means I can do the whistle. RESPECK YOUR ELDERS AND FUCK OFF. Mama's been working outside all day and I'm tired.

Turns out I'm the crotchety old man from Up. She found the cat. It was running away from her and her sister.

Back to the house. I'm referring, of course, to my husfriend's house before the greatest thing in his life happened to him. Shacking up with a rando he met online. Meeting me, duh. It's for sale and we even have a buyer, so fangers crossed it all goes well and we close when we're supposed to and remove it from our overly full plate. 

One of the things I love about my husfriend is he knows how to do shit. He just knows. How do you fix the thing? Oh, well you get the special goop and the scraper and the specific wood and the specific nails and the tape with the weird mesh stuff, then you put the stuff and hammer the things and MAGIC, it's fixed and perfect, of course. Duh. How do you add a thing to the thing? Well, you hold the wires and do a backflip on the ceiling joist while shaking maracas and then BOOM you have a new light fixture that dims. Obviously.