Y'all, it's my birthday month! (confetti emoji!) And this year is a big 'un. The big fat THREE-OH. 

I mean I don't feel 30. I'll rock it out like a bowse, though. And then right after my birthday extravaganza (aka small gathering of friends putting wieners in their mouths in my backyard), I'm gonna hit the 21 day fix, hard. Y'all know I love rainbows and organization, how could I not get down with a color coordinated meal prep system? Plus, there are daily workouts. Did anyone else think it was just a meal plan? Just me? Cool. Well there are workouts too. So now we all know.

Y'all wanna do it with me? Y'all have questions? Comment or email me. I'll getcha fixed right on up. We'll start on Monday, August 1 and keep each other accountable. And accountability is sexy AF. 

Until 8/1? Uh, it's my birthday month. That means cake and fancy dinner and weird donuts and birthday Starbucks, CANIGETANAMEN. 


  1. I started 21 day fix last summer and I have stuck to it. You cannot beat the 30 mins work outs! I do not use the containers as much as I did at first now I can basically eye ball everything.

    1. Nice! It's all about finding what works for you!

  2. It's a really great program, I think you'll love it! 21DF Extreme is pretty legit too. So is 22 Minute Hard Crops. Beachbody really does put out quality programs!


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